About the Book

Two questions have fascinated humankind for thousands of years.

  1. Does God exist?
  2. What is the source of life on earth?

Three approaches to answering these questions are creationism, intelligent design, and evolution. Evolutionists claim that all complex life on earth has developed from simpler life-forms over billions of years. They are adamant their claim has been proven to be a scientific fact. We show that their “proof” falls far short for at least three reasons.
Instead of trying to provide a proof that creationism, intelligent design, or evolution is a scientific fact, we use a different approach. The two questions above are transformed into propositions which are statements that are either true or false. Then the consequences of their respective truth values are analyzed.

These two propositions associated with the two questions above lead to three other propositions. Consequences of their respective truth values are also analyzed.